Top Tips for Buying a City Car

As populations grow year after year and our cities are becoming more congested, the style of driving in these areas has changed quite dramatically over the years and so has the types of cars being used.  Where many years ago people preferred to drive bigger bulkier cars, in the city these are not the most appropriate type of vehicles and smaller, agile or even sportier cars are much more common. Parking up in a city can also be a challenge therefore if you can imagine driving a large 4 by 4 and looking for a space on the road to fit it in – you may find this very difficult.  Here are some tips from us on buying a car designed for the city.

Fuel Economy

Every year the governments across the globe are putting more challenges on the car industry in order to make them look at reducing hazardous fumes into our atmosphere.  This is translating into things like electric cars becoming more common. You will see that electric car charging stations are popping up across the cities to encourage people to use these bays.  If you think about how cars are driven in cities there is a lot of stop / start type of driving. This is where the miles per gallon standard becomes very difficult to translate into this type of driving as this is calculated on smooth driving.  As such, although the MPG will be an indicator for you, this is not set in stone for this type of driving. The best thing to do, is to speak with the manufacturer or to even go online and read reviews for the car to ensure you are getting the best for driving in cities.

The Vehicle Size

If you are purchasing a truck then you can imagine the challenges you are going to have when driving in the city.  Think about similar challenges when driving a large car. As cities are normally congested and making movements are sometimes restricted, having a vehicle of a large size can prove difficult.  Parking spaces are also very restricted in cities therefore having things like fold in mirrors can help a lot. If your car doesn’t have this then you can modify it by going to a trusted retailer such as AutoAnything to purchase this type of asset.

Interior Comfort

People sometimes look at their car as their second home due to the amount of time they spend in it therefore the comfort you have in it is really important.  When driving in a city, additional assets such as a satellite navigation system can really help you out.  Not only will you be able to navigate to wherever you want, the modern satellite navigations will also take into account traffic and any congestion.  It will then help you navigate a different route if the one you have chosen is full of traffic making your journey a lot smoother.

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