8 Crazy Driving Laws From Around The World

We recently stumbled across an article on DriveTribe about driving laws around the world so decided to put together a top 8 list of the wacky and weird driving laws from all over the globe.

In no particular order (because they are all crazy);

Check For Sleeping Children Under Your Car In Denmark

Yes you read that title correctly and if you do not check for a sleeping child under your car before getting into your motor vehicle, you will get a stern talking to from the relative authorities.

Drink Driving In Costa Rica Is OK

I could not believe what I was reading but there is no law in Costa Rica prohibiting you against drinking and driving but if you are caught drunk behind the wheel the consequences are as serious as anywhere else in the world.

Don’t Have A Dirty Car In Russia

Keep your car clean in Russia otherwise you can land yourself a fine. It’s down to the individual police officer to determine if the car is too dirty, and a filthy number plate is a definite ticket.

Don’t Enable GPS Speed Camera Notifications In France

GPS devices and phone maps allow users to see speed camera locations and be warned prior to approaching them. In France if you enable this feature, you can say goodbye to your driving licence and have your vehicle impounded.

Don’t Drive Blindfolded in Alabama (USA)

If you are idiotic enough to do this then you will receive a fine but don’t test the law please.

Don’t Splash Pedestrians In UK or Japan

It may sound like fun at the time but not only do you ruin someones day you will also get a fine and in the UK, you can land yourself in court.

Don’t Stop On The Autobahn (Even Running Out Of Fuel)

The Autobahn is full of cars hitting speeds you cannot do anywhere else in the world so being stopped on this piece of tarmac is not only dangerous but illegal. If you are low on fuel, don’t venture onto a German Autobahn either as breaking down after running out is seen as neglectful driving.

Don’t Drive A Black Car In Denver On A Sunday

For reasons not quite known, it is illegal to drive a black car in Denver, Colorado and if you do will likely get a ticket.

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