Range Rover Pulled Into Sea and Nearly Washed Away In The UK

We know the Range Rover Sport is capable off road but the beach is a challenge for absolutely any vehicle especially when it is left like a sitting duck.

This black Range Rover Sport was “forgotten” on a beach in Suffolk, United Kingdom, and was almost completely washed away when the tide came in.

The car was spotted when it was nearly submerged completely in the water. The Daily Mail says that the first attempts to get it out failed when the tow trucks also became stuck in the mud. If you continue to watch the clip, they manage to pull the British SUV free thanks to the additional help of a BMW X5.

Not only was the car physically damaged after being pulled from the ocean but you can bet that salt water has ruined all the fancy electronic gadgets and will likely result in a write off.

The strangest part of the story is that no one came to claim it and the incident happened late last week.

Authorities are still trying to find him or her, and determine why they would leave the car on the beach, especially knowing the tide was about to come in.

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