How to Reduce Auto Insurance Costs

Cars are expensive — between your monthly payments, gas, maintenance, and insurance, the costs really add up. If you think you’re spending too much on car insurance, one of these tips could be enough to help start saving you loads of money. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Keep the car in a secure garage

You’ll notice how insurance quotes go down when you list the car as securely stored in a garage overnight. That’s because it’s less likely to get stolen. So if you’ve got the right place to keep your vehicle, keep it there and you could save.

  1. Use the vehicle less

When you get insured, you’ll be asked how often you plan to use the vehicle. While this will only need to be an estimate, it should be reasonably accurate. The less you use a vehicle, the lower the insurance cost should be; there’ll be less chance of an accident, wear and tear or it getting stolen. If you can say that you aren’t using your car for commuting to work every day, you could save even more.

  1. Drive safely

if you’ve got driving convictions or even speeding tickets, your insurance could go up. Not only is driving safely a good idea anyway, you could save money on your insurance if you keep your record clean. If you’re happy to install a black box to monitor your speeds and driving style, you could save even more.

  1. Consider a cheaper car

The more expensive your car is, the more it’ll normally cost to insure. That’s because it’ll cost more to replace and also be more desirable to thieves. If you want to reduce your insurance costs a lot, you might want to consider a cheaper or older model.

  1. Don’t get full coverage

If you don’t think you need your vehicle fully covered, try partial coverage and see how much you could save. This is especially useful if you’ve got a cheaper car and you aren’t really worried about certain aspects of your coverage plan.

  1. Look at where you live

While moving just to save money on car insurance is probably unrealistic, you should be aware how much you can save based on your location, even in different zip codes in the same city. That’s because some areas are considered more risky for vehicle theft, and insurers like to charge more if you live there.

  1. Consider a title loan

If you want to get some money back to pay for insurance and more, you can get a title loan on your car. If you’re wondering how title loans work, it’s like this: you get some money through a loan while the title loan company holds your vehicle title. You then pay it off before you get the title back, but you still get to use the car in the meantime.

  1. Try comparison sites

To find the best possible quote for you based on your situation, consider one of many insurance comparison sites. They’re a great way to get the absolute best possible quote for your car.

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