SpeedKore Build 1,400 HP (1,044 kW) Carbon-Bodied Dodge Demon

We have not spoken much about SEMA 2018 but this build from SpeedKore needs a mention as it is pretty damn wild.

They started with a 2018 Dodge Demon but then immediately removed the most important component, the supercharger. This was replaced with a pair of turbochargers which now pumps out 1,400 horses (1,044 kW) working in conjunction with some other mods.

The goal was to build the fastest Demon on the planet, and given the car’s performance down the drag strip it looks like SpeedKore can crack open the beers. The beast on wheels recently ran 8.77 seconds in the quarter-mile and with a trap speed of 162 mph (260 km/h). That’s almost a full second faster than the stock Demon’s 9.65 seconds.

Not only was the powertrain given a major boost, the company also specializes in carbon fibre panels with the ability to provide complete body shells for the Demon.


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