What Would You Buy If You Got Lucky On The Slots? The Most Anticipated Supercar Launches

New car launches seem to happen practically every week. But while it is sometimes tricky to get over-excited about an imperceptibly face-lifted Mondeo or a new Daihatsu hybrid, there are some marques that engender that almost child-like feeling of anticipation in all of us.

You might not have a six figure sum lying around to invest right now, but look at it this way: there are even more new slots appearing in the online gaming world than there are new cars in the physical one. So dare to dream – if you play your deposit bonus right and hit the jackpot next week, next month or next year, what would be on the shopping list? Here are some of the all new supercar launches we are being promised.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

It’s been a hot topic for months, but the production version of the limited edition hypercar that has had pulses racing all year could be here sooner than we thought. The company’s CEO, Andy Palmer, originally had the launch planned for 2021, but according to the latest rumours, it could be with us as soon as next year. It is thought that Aston has brought the project forward to coincide with the launch of Ferrari’s 488 replacement.

Ferrari’s new prancing horse

So what exactly with the Valkyrie be up against? Anyone who’s been lurking around Marinello with smartphone in hand might have seen a clearly disguised something being put through its final paces before next year’s launch. One such automotive spy captured footage of the car at the Ferrari test track sweeping by in practical silence, fuelling rumours that hybrid power is on the cards.

Aston joining the hybrid party?

From Maranello, it’s back to Milton Keynes, with news that Aston Martin is also dipping a toe into the world of the hybrid. Known only as “Project 003” the £1 million hypercar is expected to set a new benchmark in performance hybrid technology, taking lessons learned from the track directly to the road. With Adrian Newey involved in the project, that is no less than you would expect. We can’t wait.

Chevrolet Corvette C8

If your win doesn’t quite extend to seven figures, Chevrolet’s highly anticipated Corvette C8 could be just the thing. A mid-engined Corvette has certainly got the tongues wagging. In fact, US muscle car aficionados have been talking about it for decades. Prototypes have been glimpsed at the historic Nürburgring, and whispers of manual transmission and a dual-clutch only serve to further whet the appetite.

Lamborghini 634

The model name is just a code for the Aventador’s replacement – with the roadster referred to as the 635. Sources say the first new car since former Ferrarri head honcho Stefano Domenicali took the reins will feature a 7-litre V12, developing around 800bhp. Just in case that’s not enough grunt, there will be electric motors adding another 300 horses of boost. The new model is scheduled for launch in 2020, but if you need something sooner, look out for the Aventador SVJ next year, a special edition that will be an apt swan song for what has become one of the most iconic Lambos ever.

Porsche 911 Gen-992

If you are more of a traditionalist, here’s something with all the supercar credentials but that is still recognisable as the car that won the hearts of motorists in the 1960s. The Gen-992 has a radically upgraded powertrain, and the range-topping Turbo-S will have an eye-watering 630bhp on tap. For a car that is comparatively small and light, that will make it a match for anything. Rumours of a hybrid model joining the range in 2020 suggest that this is one car that we will still be talking about in another 50 years time.

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