Heavy Vehicle Practical Test – Avoid These Common Mistakes

To pass a heavy vehicle license on the first go, you need to spend a lot of money and time in practicing it. Unfortunately, there are a few things that make people fail in their heavy vehicle practical test. Learning about these things would help in avoiding them at the earliest and passing the test with flying colors.

Not getting your basics right

To pass any test it is very important to make your fundamentals strong. While taking a heavy vehicle test, it is important to adhere to all rules specific to road that includes lane discipline, speed limits, and road signs. The pressure and anxiety of the test may result in missing simple things such as stop signs etc. This can lead to unfavorable result in the test.

Not using the right driving skills at corners

While driving at the corners of the road, you need to reduce the speed. By slowing the speed of your vehicle, you can easily and safely take turns. Also, use of third gear is recommended for cornering. By coming in too quick, in fourth gear, you will cut down on how much time you have got to scan the place. The result is that people cut in quite near and cut the corner. To learn about the right cornering skills, you need to check this website.

Not using mirrors

Mirrors are provided in vehicle for the help of the driver. Use of mirrors at the time of driving tells you what is happening around you. It can even put cyclists, other vehicle drivers and pedestrians at risk. Mirror tells a driver to ensure that you are keeping safe distance with other vehicle present at the rear and ahead of you. Mirrors are always beneficial for drivers who come from cars that have tunnel vision. Right mirror is very beneficial for them in this case.

Not handling problems at intersections properly

People who drive using cars often need to keep their foot on the clutch. If you are doing it in a truck, at the point of intersections there is a possibility to lose control of your truck. This happens when the driver does not have the engine friction to slow down the vehicle speed, and the poor functioning of exhaust brakes as well.

What is needed for a person driving heavy vehicle is to be gentle on the cargo and the equipment? You must know the right way to preserve the clutch, the gearbox and prevent shifting of loads and knowing the right way to change gear smoothly.

Not doing enough practice

Practice is very important for drivers to understand their vehicles and use them properly. This is the reason why work sites don’t permit young drivers to go in the truck on their own. Experienced drivers are needed around the yard. The more you practice, the more your skills will be honed.


To pass a heavy vehicle practical test requires a great deal of practice and skill. By avoiding all the above mistakes would help in increasing the chances of passing the test. 

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