Is A Ferrari 812 Spider / Aperta In The Works?

According to a member on FerrariChat forum, the front-engined V12 prancing horse known as the 812 Superfast will lose the fixed roof to make room for a folding hardtop.

The 812 Spider / Aperta (whatever they decide to name it) will adopt a folding hardtop similar to the one used for the 458 and 488 Spider models, but “with some differences.”

At this stage that is all the info Marcel Massini has given so don’t take this as an official confirmation but considering he is a Ferrari historian and expert, the chances are pretty high.

Ferrari has a very busy schedule up ahead as we are going to see a total of 15 new models between now and 2022 including the brand’s first ever SUV, the Purosangue.

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