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An up and coming company in the field of luxury car rentals in Dubai is to launch its own online car selection platform.

Shortly, Renty, a new company that specializes in renting out luxury cars in Dubai will be releasing its own private platform. The company’s private website will facilitate the rental process for users. They will be able to go through lists of luxury car brands and top manufacturers and rent their choice of products with a simple click.

Product Range

The website will feature a huge collection of cars of all categories for all occasions and events. Among the available categories that will be provided, Renty presents, prestige cars, exotic, business and sport cars. In addition, super cars, SUVs and VIP cars will be available for rent, as well.

Moreover, users will get to choose from a wide variety of brands; over 20 world famous high-end car manufacturing brands to be specific. Under each brand, a fleet of products will be available to guarantee full customer satisfaction.

What sets the website apart from other similar ones?

With ease, one will be able to rent a luxury car in Dubai at without facing second thoughts or doubts. The company will go through the process of acquiring and providing regular and timely reviews and ratings for each company and its individual products.

“It will be the first service in Dubai in the niche with real reviews,” stated the officials at Renty when asked about their new project. When looking for a rental car on their website, one will be able to find and access verified customer reviews among other features offered by the company.

Other Features

Through a simple process, clients will find booking a luxury rental car an easy task. After choosing a time period compatible with their needs, clients will be presented with an online portfolio filled with a wide array of luxury cars.

Other than an affordable price range, the prices will be available in U.S Dollars, as well as, in United Arab Emirates Dirhams and Euro. When users choose their desired products, they will be directed to a specialized product page.

In that page, one will find a full set of product specifications. Some professional such as; horse power, 0-100 acceleration speed, and type of engine; other specifications include exterior and interior colors, production year and number of seats.

Not only that, but the product page will also feature a product description and overview video where they will get to look at all aspects.


As a new contender for a high pedestal in the world of luxury car rental companies, Renty is expected to generate a wide customer base because of their website. The fact that real-time, honest, and unfiltered reviews will be posted under each product provides them with a huge advantage over their competition. Finally, their attention to customer service and public relations, combined with the fact that their website is full of essential details and useful content rather than unnecessary filler material, is an indicator of their quality as a company.

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