BMW M Supercar Being Considered For 2023 With Over 700 HP

This rumor has been on and off for so long now that most of us are losing interest but when a publication like Autocar are making such claims, we tend to listen a little more carefully.

Yep that’s right people. BMW are apparently considering a supercar.

Plans are afoot in Munich for a hybrid powered supercar, based upon the structure of the current BMW i8 but a lot more powerful, more expensive, and more dramatic!

Apparently it will go up against supercars like the McLaren 570S so it will need a substantial amount of power to compete. The UK publication are suggesting that the Supercar would be powered by a larger combustion engine than the i8, using a revised version of the same chassis. This would be supplemented by some form of electrified drivetrain for a total power output in the region of 700 hp.

Supercars are not virgin territory for BMW. BMW offered an M1 in the 1980’s. Since then, rumors of a BMW supercar have surfaced regularly with nothing ever happening so let’s hope this is something a bit more substantial!

Source Autocar
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