Prior Design To Sup Up Toyota Supra’s Looks in 2020

It seems as though Toyota’s fast approaching Supra is gaining popularity by the day, this time European tuner Prior Design just revealed its plans for the new Japanese sports car in the form of a render. The pictures reveal a wilder looking Supra with enhanced aerodynamics.

The 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbocharged unit sourced from BMW (which is fully visible with the German brand’s badges retained) may not be as tuneable as the 2JZ in the previous Supra, but according to Auto Evolution the new straight-six engine should be able to punch well over 450 hp (335 kW) without tuners having to fiddle with its internals. If these figures are true, they should be able to give the new Toyota Supra enough street cred to bet against players in serious leagues, which is quite impressive considering the underdog reputation the sports car inherits.

While the change in powertrain may have cost the Supra some of its aftermarket pedigree, its styling remains being a playground for tuners such as Prior Design, which plans to give it a wilder look judging from the renders. From the front it has a more menacing look thanks to a new bumper and vented bonnet. Prior Design has also designed beefier fenders with racy vents, a ground effects kit and a rear wing. Surprisingly, not much else was done to the rear end but the flared wheel arches with large wheels that fill them out still give it a race car-like look from the back.

With Toyota getting some assistance from BMW in developing the sports car, the new Supra promises to be reasonably potent even in factory form. Moreover, while the new engine may not be as tuner-friendly as purists probably prefer it to be, but it would still be interesting to see how they’ll work with it.

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