It Costs R10 Million To NOT Paint Your Bugatti Chiron

The base model Bugatti Chiron comes in at a cool $2.5 million but as you can imagine, the customization options are pretty much limited to your imagination (and in some cases your wallet).

Choosing a different set of rims, or ordering a bespoke custom interior for your Chiron can cost you upwards of ten’s of thousands of dollars, but what is one of the most expensive option that you can spec out on your Chiron? Well, it appears that would be the paint job or in this case the lack thereof.

One particular Bugatti Chiron was spotted roaming the streets of London with the full exposed exterior carbon fibre body pack which reportedly costs £500,000 (approx. R10 million). It will allow you to run your Chiron without any exterior body paint exposing the lavish carbon fibre bodywork of the panels for everyone around you to admire.

To put this number into context, £500k in the international market can buy a brand new highly spec’d Lamborghini Aventador S for all your race track and flamboyancy needs as well as a Bentley Bentayga that could serve as the perfect daily driver.

While the option may be ludicrously expensive, it does help to bring out the aggressive lines of the Chiron even more while looking stunning at the same time. Especially with this example where the owner has accented the car with blue stripes that match the interior upholstery. And we’re sure it surprises no one here to learn that the owner of this particular hyper car is from Qatar.

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