Kahn Design Tease Baby Pink Wide Body Lamborghini Urus

British specialist Kahn Design seem to be weighing up options for a new Lamborghini Urus project and the founder took to Instagram to share a design proposal with us (see post at the bottom).

It is certainly not to everyone’s taste but it sure stands out thanks to its two tone baby pink and black styling and wide body kit.

Colour aside, the specialist promises to do more for the Raging Bull. We’re talking about a custom look that involves a widebody approach (front and rear wings), as well as vented front and rear aprons.

Then we have the custom rims portrayed here with Kahn Type 53 rims, which come in a 23-inch size, while accommodating yellow brake calipers.

There has been no mention of performance upgrades so far, but we’ve already seen the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 of the Lambo taken to 800 horsepower via ECU play, so this part should come easy.

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