Koenigsegg Production To Increase by Thousands To Compete

Regera pictured

Christian von Koenigsegg has revealed that his company’s upcoming new model is hoped to catapult production of the niche automaker into the thousands.

Information about the new model surfaced last month but the founder and owner declined to give any specifics on the car’s segment, stating that it’d give away too much but was willing to reveal its approximate price point and an outline of its powertrain.

Expect a price of about $1.1 million and a CO2-neutral hybrid powertrain, capable of burning pure alcohol and making use of Koenigsegg’s pneumatic “Freevalve” cylinder head.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, he revealed an ambition to see production of the car propel Koenigsegg into four-figure annual production territory, where it would compete with older supercar manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren.

Production is set to kick off in 2021 at a former Saab facility owned by Koenigsegg’s new partner NEVS, which scooped up the bankrupt Saab’s assets earlier this decade.

Considering they are a boutique manufacturer with production numbers in the two figures, this seems rather ambitious but we will have to wait and see. A car that costs over $1 million will never sell as many cars as the likes of Ferrari but maybe Christian has more plans up his sleeve.

Source Bloomberg
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