Porsche Confirm There Will Be Petrol Variants For Next Macan

Yesterday we wrote that the next Porsche Macan would be an electric affair but the German sportscar marque confirmed they plans to retain petrol versions too.

In an official statment to carsales, Porsche wanted to make it clear that both electric and combustion engine offerings will be available come the next-generation Macan.

“Our mission is clear: we want to drive into the future without emissions and play a technologically pioneering role.

“At the same time, we will remain flexible for a transitional period because the world regions will develop very differently with respect to electromobility.

“We will therefore initially continue to offer Macan models with combustion engine in parallel to the fully-electric variant.”

This all makes sense to be honest as shifting the Macan to a pure EV would have been quite the precedent. To date, no mainstream brand has relaunched an established internal combustion engine model as a pure EV.

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