Overfinch Velocity Range Rover Is Rather Bold

UK tuner Overfinch has been modifying Range Rovers since 1975 but their latest offering tailors to those who like a more sinister look.

It is a limited-edition offering called Velocity and it features a carbon fibre hood powerdome, carbon fibre wheel arch trims, and all-new forged 23-inch Cyclone wheels. It’s presented in a Satin Obsidian exterior with darkened herringbone-weave carbon, black gold badging and a bespoke Ebony Lumiere interior.

To match the sinister look you will also get an Overfinch Bluetooth performance exhaust system which enhances the Range Rover’s V8 soundtrack.

The limited-edition Overfinch is available for Range Rover and Range Rover long wheelbase models. As with every Overfinch, the Range Rover Velocity can be personalized with a range of options including Crushed Carbon for the first time. Fine layers of carbon fiber are cut and laid by hand, resulting in an “intense and unique pattern,” ensuring that no two pieces will be the same.

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