Second Bugatti Model Awaiting Sign-Off

Bugatti isn’t a manufacturer with an incredibly diverse model line-up. In fact, if we look at production models, Bugatti currently only has one model it produces which is, of course, the Chiron. Autocar recently had a conversation with Bugatti’s CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, regarding a possible second production model.

We aren’t sure what form of car this new model might be, but it will more than likely be a car suited for everyday use. Since Mr Winkelmann was in charge of the Lamborghini Urus project, he is well acquainted with diversifying a brand. The car will also have to be “a real Bugatti in the segment” and “be a reference for other manufacturers”. In other words, he wants to be fast and industry-leading.

In terms of the power plant, Winkelmann is leaning heavily towards the use of an electric motor. “This technology will be in our reach,” he said.  “You have to create a car that’s flexible and can be adapted to the latest technology.”  It also seems like Winkelmann wants to wait for battery and electric technology to develop and improve before he implements it into his cars.

It’s all good and well that Mr Winkelmann wants to create a new model, however, Bugatti is part of the VW group, so, according to him, “The brand is ready for the second car, but it’s not me to decide.” Considering VW own brands such as Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini who all create similar cars using the same products (particularly in terms of SUVs), this new model will have to be quite well justified. Winkelmann stated that, “As long as you exchange models, it’s easy. If you add, it’s tougher.”

Should we see a new model, it is unlikely to come before 2022 at the earliest.

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