Why Do Jeep Owners Join Jeep Clubs?

The simplest reason a Jeep owner joins a Jeep Club is to be able to connect and adventure with a group of like-minded individuals while being able to better their off-road driving skills. Did you just buy your 4×4 Jeep? Are you new to the trail? Then consider joining a Jeep club. These clubs are filled with people who have tons of off-road driving experience. They can teach you everything you need to know about off-road driving so you stay safe and have fun!

Jeep clubs offer members more opportunities to hit the trail. You should never go off adventuring on your own and thanks to Jeep club you’ll be able to find someone who wants to go out and ride. There’s also a good chance you’ll discover trails you never knew existed thanks to other members. It is possible you’ll even be able adventure places you wouldn’t normally be able to gain entry to, take private land for an example. Jeep clubs also work to keep trails from closing and improve the image of off-road adventurers.

Elliott Auto Group (Carthage, TX) suggests that before you join a Jeep club you should take a look at a few characteristics. Check out the size of the club. Larger clubs tend to be more organized, have more activities, and a solid social network. Smaller clubs are usually more informal and less organized. What is the age of the members? Are they young adults looking to try out more difficult terrain and trails? Or are the members older and looking to travel quite aways from home and stay overnight?

Another good thing to check out is the level of participation that is required. Some clubs require you to attend so many meetings and outings per month. You’ll want to make sure you choose one that aligns with your schedule. Next take a look at what kind of trips and events the club organizes or participates in. Are they local rides? Day trips to nearby cities? Out-of-state events? Loads of overnight events?

Beyond the comradery and organized trail events most Jeep clubs also actively participate in their communities. They organize and participate in charity events to try and help the community around them. The Rock Hard Jeeps Colorado City Chapter actively works with the Adopt a Highway program and the local Boy Scouts. They’ve hosted cancer benefits, coat drives, and more!

There are a ton of Jeep Clubs located in Texas. Here are just a few of them:

  • Austin Jeep Exclusive
  • Austin Stump Jumpers
  • Banged Up Off Road Club
  • Demon 4×4
  • East Texas Jeep Club
  • Jeep Nation
  • Lone Star Jeep Club
  • Olskool 4×4 Offroad Adventures
  • Rock Hard Jeeps
  • Outlaw Jeep Club of Texas
  • Texas Freedom Offroad
  • Texas Jeeps
  • Texoma Off-Road Club
  • United Jeep Club
  • World Wide Jeep Crew
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