The Most Iconic Ride in NASCAR

In NASCAR history, we have seen thousands of different cars used by various drivers. It so happens that one ride seems more unique than others. This is not necessarily because of the specifications or quality of the ride, but most often because of the quality of the drivers who fielded such cars

The chief criteria being their dominance on the track (level of wins) or their longevity status. In other sports like soccer, a player might not regard the ball he used to win or the studs he used to score, but in NASCAR, fans tend to recognize the driver along with his ride during victory or losses, e.g., Dale Earnhardt’s No 3, Jeff Gordon’s No.24 and Jimmie Johnson’s No 48.  Even with all these aforementioned iconic rides of NASCAR, the most iconic and recognized ride in NASCAR history is no other than the No. 43 – Petty enterprises.

The famous ride came into the picture in 1954, Bob Welborn being behind the wheel. However, its most famous driver is Richard Petty. Though the No.43 had started in 1954, it wasn’t until 1959 that petty came on the wheel and changed the game for No.43.

He made about ten starts in 1959, making about five top tens and four top fives, he later became Rookie of the year. In 1960, he came second in NASCAR Grand National Series points. He had about ten wins between 1961 & 62. Though this was a success at a very early point in his career, his big win was in the year 1963, he scored fourteen wins, thirty top five and thirty-nine top tens. But in 1964, he won his first championship title and his first Daytona 500. Overall, he won about 199 races behind the No.43 wheels along with wins in about seven cup series championship.

Petty happens to have made the No 43 car an iconic one in all of Nascar history. After he retired in 1992, other drivers like Bobby Hamilton, John Andretti, Aric Almirola took turns in driving the No 43. Non, however, was able to meet the phenomenal record set by Petty in NASCAR history.

However, the un-surpassed success set by Richard Petty during his time has made it impossible to put any other ride before No 43 in NASCAR, this qualifies No 43 as NASCAR’s most iconic ride, and indisputably, it is the most recognized ride even in the history of motorsports overall.  NASCAR is a very exciting sport to bet. Bookmakers like Bet365, 888sports, 10bet and others will give you all the information you need in order to place your bet on the right car. All you need is to look at the bookmakers’ betting offers and choose the one that fits you the best.  

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