Kia’s New Stinger GTS Has Drift Mode

Kia used the 2019 New York Auto Show to introduce a limited-edition Stinger GTS of which just 800 units (likely all for North America) will be built sporting exclusive orange paint and some carbon fibre trim.

It packs the same 365 hp (272 kW), 510 Nm twin-turbo V6 as the normal Stinger, but there is one new upgrade: drift mode.

Those who choose all-wheel drive for their Stinger GTSs will receive a revised traction system with three modes: Comfort, Sport, and Drift. Comfort mode sends 60 percent of the engine’s power to the rear wheels, increasing to 80 percent in Sport. Switch to Drift mode, and the system sends 100 percent of the power to the rear wheels. A mechanical limited-slip differential is standard.

The new traction system also has a slip control sensor, countersteer detection, and revised stability control to keep you from pushing it too far when you’re exercising the sweet two-wheel-drive action in Drift mode.

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