A Water Bottle For Your McLaren Senna Costs R100k

Manny Khoshbin is a real estate tycoon, best known for being the president and CEO of the Khoshbin Company and he recently took delivery of a stunning McLaren Senna.

Manny appears to have taken inspiration from Ayrton Senna’s Marlboro liveried MP4/4 Formula 1 car. It is finished in a dual-tone of red and white with the #12 painted on the rear fenders. The rear spoiler is also painted in the same dual-tone theme and has the Senna logo on its end plates.

That is not why we are talking about this car though because in the video Mr. Khoshbin reveals that he paid $7000 (approx. R100k) for a matching water bottle just in case you get a bit thirsty while driving the 789 hp (588 kW) British machine.

He goes on to mention that he went for as much carbon as possible with the roof scoop costing about $70k (approx. R1 million) and the number 12 painted option setting him back $30k (approx. R400k).

In total, his options cost an extra $250k (approx. R3.6 million) which is extraordinary.

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