Mercedes-AMG One Build Slot Will Set You Back R60 Million

The flippers are back at it with a new Mercedes-AMG One build slot appearing online.

As usual, it has been listed on Germany’s largest online market place, Mobile, and has garnered a lot of attention in the past few days. The ad has been placed by an Austrian dealer of exotic cars with a steep asking price of around $4 million. The exact figure is €3,490,000 ($3,947,696) and the vendor claims that the car will be ready this year (last we heard it was delayed until 2020 so tread carefully here).

As a reminder, the Mercedes-AMG One is limited to just 275 units so getting a slot allocation would have been very difficult in the first place but if money is no object then getting one now is fairly easy.

Powered by a hybrid system featuring a 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 and four electric motors, the Mercedes-AMG One gets to play around with 1020 hp of power. The sheer number of horses and Formula 1 tech onboard is ample to give the One exhilarating F1-like performance.

Source Mobile
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