Something Special Apparently Coming From Bugatti At Pebble Beach

Bugatti have really not been shy in trying to empty the bank accounts of their ultra-wealthy clients in recent months. Just last year we had the $5.8 million (approx. R85 million) Divo revealed at Pebble Beach and this year, we had the one-of-one, $18 million (approx. R264 million) La Voiture Noir at Geneva. Well, it seems as if Bugatti aren’t finished doing so yet because rumour has it we will see another limited edition hypercar from the French marque at Pebble Beach this year if The Supercar Blog is to be believed.

This new car is seemingly the successor to the Divo – of which 40 units are going to be made. Similarly, we expect this as yet unconfirmed car to be rather exclusive in terms of production numbers. How much will the mystery Bugatti cost? Nothing has been indicated, but don’t expect it to be cheap. We can estimate it to cost more or less the same amount as the Divo, but probably more.

We can only hope that this new Bugatti won’t be another car produced under, what Chris Harris deems as the “Winkelmann effect” where multiple cars are created using the same basic platform and engine. But, the chances are that the Divo successor will also use the Chiron’s 1 479 horsepower (1103 kW), 8.0-litre, W16 quad-turbo engine just like in the Divo and indeed the La Voiture Noir. The Divo’s top speed was halted at a mere 380 km/h, so this new car will probably receive the same top speed cap.  

Bugatti’s plans are two to bring out two new cars every year. This year we, of course, saw the La Voiture Noir, so we will probably see the second one at Pebble Beach. Also, according to The Supercar Blog, however, Bugatti may very well be showcasing another hypercar at the Grand Tour event in September this year. The contenders are the highly-anticipated Chiron Super Sport or a new Bugatti four-door.

Source The Supercar Blog
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