Aston Martin RB-003 Confirmed To Get Valhalla Name

The Aston Martin AM-RB 003 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show this year but was not sure what it will be called until now. It will be named the Valhalla, as a continuation of the firm’s line of ‘V-cars’ performance models.

Aston Martin’s association with the letter V can be traced back to 1951, when the Vantage moniker was unofficially assigned to high-performance variants of the DB2 sports car. The tradition has been kept alive with subsequent Vantage, Virage, Vanquish and of course the mighty Valkyrie hypercar.

The Valhalla should pack more than 1000 hp and deliver the kind of performance that would threaten the Nürburgring production lap record and contend with the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

Aston boss Andy Palmer calls the Valhalla “the bridge” in the world of mid-engined Aston Martins. “The aerodynamics and tub construction filter down from the Valkyrie to this, and then the new V6 powertrain will go down to the Vanquish,” he said. “The Valkyrie is the fastest production car ever and now we’ve created a son of it that’s a halo car above everyone else’s range, like the P1, LaFerrari and Senna.”

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