The Benefits Of Paint Protection For Your Car


Paint protection is achieved through the use of a protective film (casually known as a “Clear Bra”) which acts as a shield to provide protection to your car’s paint. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent, light-weight urethane material that acts as a protection against scratches and contaminants. Urethane is a versatile polymer that has high resistance to impact and will not succumb to cracks or tears. This film can be applied to the entire vehicle but is mostly used on painted surfaces of the car.


1) Keeps the car new and shiny

The Paint Protection Film provides permanent protection in the form of a coating over your car’s paint. This helps you to keep your car new and shiny for a longer period of time. A permanent solution allows you to enjoy a lifetime a luster. As it is said, “Prevention is better than cure”, paint protection is the best solution to protect your vehicle’s color and reduces the chances of any dullness.

2) Retains the car’s resale value

When you put your car for sale, most of the buyers notice the exterior of the vehicle especially when it comes to cars. Buyers of used cars put a lot of emphasis on appearance. Most of the time, even when your car runs perfectly well, the resale value can be low if it has a poor appearance. Faded paints and scratches can easily lower the value of your car. The perfect solution for this is the paint protection which prevents all kinds of scratches on the car’s original body. The car’s resale value can be retained by the use of paint protection which ensures that your car is safe from all environmental and superficial damage.

3) Makes the car cleaning easy

Paint protection film has the ability to repel dust. Thus, prevents any dust build-up on your car’s exterior. As a result, the cleaning job becomes a lot easier and the car can be cleaned simply by the use of a soft cloth instead of water every time.

4) Reduce superficial damage to your car’s exterior

Irrespective of how careful you are while driving, there are still chances of your car getting scratched. Scratches make a build-up of moisture, ultimately leading to rust. In many cases, chemicals that are used in cleaners or environmental elements cause discoloration. The paint protection protects all kinds of superficial damage to the car by serving as a barrier for your car’s exterior. Supreme Protection Film from Avery Dennison is one such option that prevents damage from weathering, debris, stone chips, insect stains and an array of other challenges that your paint may encounter.

5) Invisible protection

The best part of the paint protection is that it is completely invisible. No one will know that it’s on your car, and thus it will not decrease the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. In fact, the paint protection enhances the look of your car by keeping it glossy and brand new. UV resistance also protects your car from the harsh sunlight and lets your car retain its bright color and vibrancy for a longer duration.

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