Here’s Why You Should Observe Parking Signs

The number of vehicles on the roads of Goa is increasing at an astounding rate. In the last 10 years, the number of vehicles registered has risen by 130%.

Understandably, all of that extra traffic is putting a bit of a strain on the infrastructure. One of the biggest issues for drivers is parking. Finding somewhere to park is nowhere near as easy as it used to be.

Bad parking makes things difficult for others 

Sadly, increasingly parking signs such as these, which are put up to ensure the disabled can park near their homes are being ignored, by some. This habit can mean that people who need to park near their front-door cannot leave their home.

Illegal parking makes the roads more dangerous

Numerous studies show that controlling where people park leads to fewer accidents. Across the world, if drivers are left to their own devices they will park anywhere. Often, they will do so without considering whether their vehicle blocks the view of cars trying to pull out from side streets. Or, whether, mothers with prams have no choice but to walk along the road because the pavement is partially blocked. 

When we park we just don’t think that much about safety. Fortunately, the authorities do and they set up no parking areas to reduce the risk of accidents. By observing parking signs you are playing your part in keeping pedestrians and fellow road users safe.

Illegal parking leads to delays

The other reason for restricting parking on certain streets is that parked cars impede traffic flow. When everyone obeys the parking signs, everything flows much more freely. As a result, driving is less stressful. This also helps to reduce the number of accidents. 

Illegal parking makes air pollution worse

Parking legally also has a positive impact on the level of pollution. Traffic jams cause far more pollution than freely moving traffic does. You can read more about this, by reading this article. So, if you want to keep the air around you cleaner, only park in designated spaces.

Parking illegally causes arguments

If you park inconsiderately as well as illegally, the chances are, one day; you will get into an argument. People do not appreciate vehicles parking illegally outside their properties, particularly, if it ends up disrupting their life or business activities.

Parking illegally results in fines

Plus, of course, parking illegally can work out expensive. The fines are constantly getting higher and the legal system is becoming more efficient about making sure they are paid.

It is really easy to get caught

There are more traffic police out there enforcing the rules than ever before. The introduction of the traffic sentinel system makes getting caught out even more likely. Now, there are thousands of citizens that could photograph or video your illegally parked car and upload it into the system. Catching someone parking on the pavement or zebra crossing enables the Sentinel to earn 3 points. Once they reach 100 points they earn Rs. 1,000/-. 

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