Ford Issues Recall for 2019 Ranger Pickups Following Seatbelt Issue

Occupant safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to creating an automobile. Car manufacturers put a lot of time, money and effort into the research and design of their vehicles to ensure that drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike are all safe out on the road. They implement safety features that range from something simple and mandatory like airbags, to features that are the product of their research like collision detection systems. They do this to ensure that their buyers feel safe when using their product. 

But what happens if occupant safety is compromised?

This is what the Ford Motor Company is facing right now, following a potential safety issue that was discovered on one of their 2019 pickup truck models.

The car manufacturer has issued a recall just last week for the 2019 Ford Ranger Supercab pickup truck units in the US. This recall was issued following reports that the assembly of the model’s right front seatbelt may have been incorrect. Affected 2019 Ranger Supercabs units were built within the period of June 18, 2018 to June 19, 2019. The vehicles were built at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. Around 7,600 pickup trucks matching this description were sold in the United States, while 400 that matched this description were sold in Canada. 

Affected consumers in the US are being advised to get in touch with the dealership their car came from. This applies not just to Michigan residents but also other parts of the country such as Houston, Texas. Pickup truck owners who have a defective seatbelt will be provided a replacement free of charge. For reference, owners may take note of this code: 19-S-23.

While Ford has mentioned that no injuries or accidents related to this seatbelt defect have been reported, consumers are still advised to take the necessary precautions while the recall is underway. Texas residents who purchased a Ranger matching this description may get in touch with a Houston truck accident attorney or contact Ford Customer Care to get assistance.

This recall is among a few recalls that Ford has had to conduct. In the same week, the company issued a recall of their Ford Focus sedans due to faulty powertrain module software. This recall affected 58,000 units of their popular compact vehicle. 

The recall due to an incorrectly installed seatbelt is not the first recall that Ford has had to make for the Ranger. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) lists two other recalls for the Ranger model. On February 1, 2019, a recall was issued following an issue with its transmission floor shift selector interlock assembly. This means that the vehicle could move despite it being in a “Park” position. This issue affected 2,992 units.

Another recall happened on May 13, 2019, which involved the transmission shift cable bracket fasteners. Around 2,534 units had loose fasteners, which could cause the actual transmission gear to be different from what the gear shift lever position indicated. 

Given these recalls, Ford is certainly under close watch by the NHTSA, as these recalls are indicative of the automotive company’s lack of attention to detail and quality control. Ford’s sloppiness could endanger the lives of many people; thankfully no injuries or accidents stemming from these issues have been reported.

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