New Toyota Supra Sounds Angry With Milltek Exhaust

The new Toyota Supra has been given a hard time on social media channels for sounding like a BMW which was expected but what if you want it to sound a little more well, Supra?

Milltek Sport presented its new exhaust system for the Supra at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and as you can hear in the videos below, the exhaust definitely gives it extra character.

When idling, the exhaust gives the Supra a nice burble and is bound to make it turn even more heads at traffic lights. Once it is revved up, the exhaust really comes to life, producing some intoxicating pops and bangs.

The exhaust manufacturer notes in this video that the exhaust featured in this clip isn’t a finished product and that it continues to develop its cat-back exhaust. It remains to be seen when it will hit the market and how much Supra owners will need to pay.

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