The Best Wheels To Use To Get Around Sydney as a Tourist

Sydney is home to an array of famous attractions including the Opera House, the Rocks, and the Harbour Bridge. This means that it’s a hugely popular destination for tourists. The good news for these tourists is that Sydney is easy to get around. 

There is a reliable and affordable public transport system in place in the city. Visitors also have the option of hiring a car from a provider such as, if they want to venture further afield, or they want the convenience of having a car available at all times. 

Hiring a car 

The road layout in Sydney means that it’s easy to drive around the city, so hiring a car could be a good idea. For tourists, having a car at their disposal also means that they can travel outside of the city to areas such as the beautiful Blue Mountains. Of course, it’s also easier to put everything that is needed for the day into a car rather than carry a lot of bags around. For anyone who does not want to drive while they are staying in Sydney, there are several public transport options available. 

Taking the train 

For anyone who wants to see the sights around the centre of Sydney, the underground railway, or City Circle, is a good choice of transportation. The main part of this railway is formed from six stations, Central Railway Station, Townhall, Wynyard, Circular Quay, St James and Museum. Most of the main tourist attractions in the centre of the city are within easy walking distance from one of these stations. This makes it easy to see several different sights in one day. 

Travelling by bus

There are several bus routes in the city of Sydney that operate for almost 24 hours each day. It’s worth noting that tickets need to be paid for before boarding the bus. The easiest way to do this is to purchase an Opal Card for all public transport journeys in Sydney. Opal Cards can be used across all forms of public transport in the city and they are easy to load and use. 

Get onboard a ferry

The harbour is one of the most famous sights in the city of Sydney. Getting on board one of the harbour ferries allows tourists to experience the harbour from the water. There are several different destinations covered by ferry services, including Taronga Zoo. It’s also possible to take a ride along the Parramatta River. Tourists also have the option of taking a river cruise if they wish to travel further. 

Sydney is a vibrant and exciting city to visit. It’s also easy to navigate, thanks to the comprehensive public transport system that exists. Visitors can simply purchase an Opal Card and pay for all of the journeys that they wish to take in advance. Tourists also have the option of hiring a car. This is especially useful for anyone who is intending to travel outside of the Sydney area during their stay.

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