Toyota Supra Pricing for South Africa

via @pe_petrolheads on Instagram

This week the new Toyota Supra will be launched in South Africa and we finally have pricing confirmation from the local Toyota team.

You will have the choice between three variants, starting at R953,000 for the GR Supra ‘Track’ model. The standard GR Supra will hit your wallet to the tune of R1,072,300 while the Matte Grey edition will set you back R1,092 300.

The Z4 M40i starts at R1,036,699 so they are pretty similarly priced and will come down to brand preference and of course how they are to drive. We have driven the Z4 M40i already and will be driving the new Supra this week.

All of the variants get BMW’s 3-litre turbocharged straight six that produces 250 kW and 500Nm.

The base Track model can only be ordered in red, while the top models get a wider choice that includes white, silver, black, yellow and blue.

The Matte Grey edition is the only model you can order – well – Matte Storm Grey paint.

via @pe_petrolheads on Instagram
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