Bespoke MSO Luggage For Your McLaren GT Will Cost You R210k

McLaren developed and built the GT so that their customers did not need to go anywhere else to purchase a luxurious and fast grand tourer.

Although the McLaren GT does have more space than usual, they compartments are oddly shaped so you would not be able to make full use of the 570-litres of storage with regular luggage.

The team from McLaren Special Operations (MSO) have the solution for you with a bespoke luggage collection designed exclusively for the McLaren GT. The collection includes a garment case, weekend bag, cabin bag, and a full-size golf club bag, each designed to fit a specific location in the car.

Each bag is created in Italy using the exact same soft and supple semi-aniline leather and stitch pattern found inside the McLaren GT.

If you want the whole set, you will be in for £11,350 (approx. R210k) which is not exactly cheap, even for the wealthy who are buying this car. If you want just one item, you will need to part with the following;

  • £1,700 for the garment case
  • £1,850 for the weekend bag
  • £2,800 for the cabin bag
  • £5,000 for the full-size golf bag
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