Boy Racer Smashes Into McLaren, Bentley, Porshe and 8 Other Cars in London

For those who know London, Chelsea is a rather affluent area to live in but even the mega-wealthy still need to park their fancy cars on the street.

Unfortunately for some, a boy racer lost control of the Audi Q7 he was driving while chasing a Porsche which resulted in heavy damage to 11 of their parked cars. Among these were a McLaren, a Porsche Cayenne, a Bentley Bentayga, a Porsche 911, two Audis Q7, and another Porsche.

Summer Haider rushed outside her home and said: ‘I really thought there had been some sort of explosion, like a helicopter coming down’. 

She added: ‘The driver got out. There was blood coming from his head and he started to say he was being chased. Having seen some CCTV we now know that was a lie’. 

The driver was taken to hospital where he remains with a serious head injury that is not considered life-threatening.

Check out the footage below and you will immediately see the Q7 chasing the Porsche at high speed.

Source Daily Mail
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