Is This The McLaren 750LT Testing At The Nurburgring?

YouTuber Automotive Mike has uploaded a video showing a McLaren 720S prototype sporting some significant aerodynamic add-ons. It’s hard to say for sure but this is likely the LT version we are expecting to see next year.

It will possibly be called the 750LT (as it will pack 750 PS) and in the clip you can see a massive splitter jutting out from its front fascia, and dive planes just ahead of its front wheels. At the top of the windshield, there’s a decal that reads “MV1102.” McLaren uses the “MV” designation for all of its prototypes, but we have no idea what “1102” represents.

There is also a roll cage inside which is quite normal for cars testing on the ‘Ring but it could also be McLaren testing a GT3 variant of sorts.

It’s hard to imagine a quicker car than a 720S, which is so fast, it makes a P1 almost seem redundant. The LT version could be nipping at the heels of the mighty Senna, then.

At this stage, it’s too early to tell what McLaren has planned for the 750LT on the styling front, but the main element will be its extended rear tail that will improve aerodynamics and also contribute to better track performance. A Spider version of the 750LT is a distinct possibility as well.

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