McLaren 720S Longtail Could Arrive Next Year

Drastic rendering

Next year, McLaren Automotive will be turning 10 years old and although they will not be too focused on this, they will be focused on the GT, the Speedtail and two new models that arguably distil the firm’s most expressive impulses.

One of these is the rumoured two-seat Speedster we spoke about last month and the other is a Longtail version of the mighty 720S.

Not much is known about the Speedster offering but if the previous (and current) LT offerings are anything to go by, then you can bet the 720S Longtail will be quite something. The regular 720S has already enjoyed numerous accolades for its handling and performance and both aspected will be revised as they seek to enhance driver engagement.

Precise details of how the firm intends to take its Super Series car to another level remain under wraps, although we can assume that it will have applied the established blueprint: improved aero, reduced weight, a more track-focused chassis and, yes, increased power.

At this stage, we are not sure what the power output would be but a smart bet would be the 750 ps (740 hp; 552 kW) and hence named the 750LT.

Increased power and decrease in weight will surely shave a tenth or two from the 720S’s 2.9 second 100 km/h time and obviously, result in the better lap times that the Longtail cars typically target.

When will we see it? It could be as soon as the Geneva Motor Show early next year.

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