Would You Pay R12 Million Just For A LaFerrari Engine?

Back in 2017, an individual on eBay listed a Ferrari LaFerrari engine for sale for $285,000.

Fast forward to today and the same engine (identical images) is back up for grabs only this time the buy it now price is a whopping $800,000 (approx. R12 million).

There’s a likelihood the donor car was involved in an accident and its engine was salvageable, unlike the rest of the car. Given that there’s some, though very little, mileage, the engine had to have been installed at some point.

The description (shown below) does not answer many questions about the engine, including the provenance of getting hold of a LaFerrari engine with so little use. With just three images, prospective buyers don’t get a very good look at the mill, either.

“2017 FERRARI LA FERRARI ENGINE with 20 miles … very important.. Ferrari will not build no more Laferrari engine for stock … so get it while you can”

Just think of all of the Ferrari’s and/or other supercars you could buy with this kind of money. Just goes to show anything LaFerrari related, even its parts will never be cheap.

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