Arden Bentley AB III Gives Continental GT A Lot More Width

The new Bentley Continental GT is rather striking and imposing in standard factory form but the folks from German tuning company Arden think it needs a bit more impact.

Introducing the Arden Bentley AB III which is a widebody package for the Conti that adds 50 mm per side. The bodywork is all carbon fibre and the fender flares are bolted on Liberty Walk style. There is also a custom front spoiler that fits over the standard fascia to bring some symmetry to the widebody design in front. A pair of carbon fibre air scoops are added to the long hood that are said to help regulate heat in the engine bay. At the rear, Arden bolts up a rear diffuser and a bare carbon fibre spoiler to complete the look.

Since the bodywork is wider, it needs larger wheels to fill the space and Arden will happily offer you a set of 22-inch spoked magnesium wheels with staggered 275/35 rubber up front, and wider 315/30 tyres at the rear.

The tuner has not tinkered with the twin-turbo W12 which is perfectly fine as it produces a potent 626 hp (467 kW).

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