Is Chevrolet Traverse the All-Wheel Drive You Need?

The decision of buying a new car need your consideration. You have to check features and compare them with other models available to make the best decision. Then, the first step is to take an insurance policy to secure your investment and if you’re in Vegas and need to contact an auto accident attorney they will help you with an insurance claim. Anyways, it all starts with buying a new car. So, if you are interested in having a all-wheel drive for you, here is the one you can consider.

Chevrolet Traverse 2019 is the popular choice among the people that gives a number of amazing features. As it is the family adventure car and should be the one to facilitate you in your trips and bring no hassle or unpleasant event to come. Read here about if it is the one you need.


Traverse made its debut in 2009 and give a great model in 2018. It is now launched in 2019 with a bold style upgradation or second generation. It is the SUV that is best designed for the family trips with a three-row crossover. It is mid-sized car with seating capacity of up-to 8 persons. This one is getting popular for its being a family task car, manageable size and good appearance.

The upgraded generation model of 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is not much different from the previous. It is LT premium leather trim that is available with new features. But you can choose between L, LS, LT; leather or cloth and different premium trim levels. It has a camera for surround view and a rearview mirror that is also camera based. The car has alloy wheels that are 20 inches.

Interior of the car has an 8-inch touchscreen to enjoy songs and navigations to destination. It has installed with Bose speakers for the enhances experience. The 110-volt outlet supports the car system. The steering wheel of the car is premier to the next level with advanced standard. The steering of this car is that you can find in high country models.

Chevrolet Traverse is the RS model with the front drive, turbo version. It is the V-6 powered. It has a fuel capacity of 3.6-litres firm and tough car brining 266 pound-feet torque and 310 horsepower. It is the car that ranks in the better units. This is the 9-speed car with automatic and smooth shifting. The front wheels of this all-wheel drive are standard. This one is the standard high-country model with auto lock rear. It has twin-clutch AWD system.

The frontal testing of the car has been recorded with a good response. The security is limited to top trim levels. This model is not crash tested. It is a good crossover with a family focused approach.

The best about is the automatic braking in emergency in the top premium version in the standard high country along with adaptive cruise control, active lane control and auto high beams. Its cabins are enough with durable design. Plus, it has power liftgate and comfort that you look for in a family car. The heated front seats, blind spot monitoring and rear parking sensors give you the best driving and parking experience.

Pick your appearance package if this is the car you were looking for.

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