Mercedes-AMG Working On Electric AMG

Mercedes-Benz VISION EQS pictured

Mercedes-AMG recently confirmed their interest in the EV market by confirming vehicles made by Mercedes-AMG will be electrified under the ‘EQ Performance’ label.

In an interview with CarSales, Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers said that their first performance EV will not disappoint.

“The customers are going to buy the car if the performance is there. That’s my attitude, that’s my thinking,” he declared.

“We have a lot of discussions with customers but if you deliver the performance, which is expected in our segment …. in combination with a certain range of pure electric drive, and instant power output of the powertrain, capable on the racetrack as well, usable every day. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Will it pack Taycan Turbo S sort of performance? The AMG executive wouldn’t be drawn on whether it would have higher performance parameters than the new Porsche Taycan but did say that the “Taycan sets the bar, that’s for sure.”

Currently, the Mercedes-AMG folk are busy developing its first plug-in hybrid model, the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 super sedan that will lob in 2020 with a sub 3.0sec 0 to 100km/h time.

When will we see this EV from the AMG boys and girls? “It’s too early to say,” said Moers.

Source CarSales
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