Corvette C8.R Packs a Flat-Crank V8 With Dual Overhead Cams

Just the other day we shared a video on our social media channels showing off the sound of the new Chevrolet Corvette C8.R. At that point we did not know what engine it featured but it made one furious noise.

Not only is the powerplant located midship, it is running a naturally-aspirated 5.5-litre V8, just like the last car, but now featuring a flat-plane crank and dual overhead cams (hence the superb sound).

The engineers did not give away too much other information on the unit other than it produces around 500 horsepower.

This new DOHC engine is direct-injected, and coupled to a six-speed sequential gearbox from X-Trac that was redesigned to make more room for the substantial diffuser at the rear of the car.

Will we see this (and hear this) glorious new 5.5-litre V8 in a production car? According to Jalopnik who spoke with one of their engineers, we certainly will.

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