Ferrari 488 Pista Pips Mighty McLaren 720S at Anglesey Circuit

When we talk about the McLaren 720S, it is usually to show that it is pretty much invincible but with the Ferrari 488 Pista arriving a year after the Mac was revealed, have some things changes?

Thanks to the crew from Supercar Driver, the two got together at the Anglesey Circuit in Wales for a head-to-head match up to see who is the fastest at this track.

Oliver James Webb is the tame-racing driver behind the wheel of the two and after setting a lap time of 1:32.20 in the 488 Pista, set out to see what the giant-killer 720S could achieve.

The title has given it away already but what is impressive is that the British creation is just 0.85 seconds slower and it will be getting a faster LT variant in the pretty near future. Considering the 488 Pista is the ‘faster variant’ of the 488 GTB, the 750 LT should be the one compared to the Pista and this should have a very different result.

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