Onboard Footage Of VW’s ID.R Big Gate Mountain Climb Is Nerve-Wracking

In September, Romain Dumas got back into the Volkswagen W ID.R and set a world record time for driving up the Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road in China.

He conquered the 10.9 km (6.776-mile), 99-turn road in 7mins 38.585secs. Now, VW has released the onboard footage from that run.

There is no engine noise accompanying the video but the way it launches itself off the line and out of every single corner is mightily impressive.

“I will certainly remember this record run on Tianmen Mountain forever as my most spectacular outing,” Dumas said. “The little information and testing we had beforehand made it a huge challenge. The road is incredibly narrow and winding, but the drive was unbelievable fun with the electric power of the ID.R. The huge torque was a big advantage on the short straights, while the aerodynamics provided additional traction in the fast sections.”

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