Someone Financed A Maserati MC12 for R350k a Month

There were only 50 Maserati MC12’s ever made so getting your hands on one is tricky on its own. If you find one for sale then parting with millions of pounds or dollars is the next step.

Even if you can afford to pay for the car up front, some buyers are turning to finance solutions to soften the blow for hefty purchases like a Maserati MC12.

A particular example had a price tag of £1,795,000 (approx. R34 million) but the buyer did not pay once-off. He or she paid a 17 percent deposit then paid 48 monthly installments of 18,297.34, and a final balloon payment of one million pounds.

“We have financed many stunning cars to-date for our satisfied customers,” said Stephen Halstead, chief operating officer at JBR Capital. “Originally, we set out to become a market leader in high-end vehicle finance and prestige cars and we have certainly achieved that.”

“From the JBR500, I would pick the Maserati MC12 Coupe – Maserati is such an evocative and emotive brand,” he added. “It is such a rare and exclusive car, it just captures my imagination in terms of style, performance and speed.”

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