5 Tips on How to Choose a Car for a Student

A college is a place where you can finally think about buying a car. Unfortunately, flashy vehicles and luxurious salons tend to remain in the world of fantasies because only a few people can actually afford this experience. Most students have a tight budget, meaning that their options are limited. It doesn’t mean that they have to buy something they hate, though! There are plenty of fantastic options that can meet all possible tastes. So, what are the best cars for college students?

Why Buy a Car in the First Place

Cars are a personal choice, so the main reason for buying it is your desire. You should make an informed decision because as Dunn from Psychology Today stipulates, taking a car to college has lots of drawbacks, from having to fight constant temptation to go somewhere instead of studying to being forced to become a driver for friends. Consider the bigger picture, weight all pros and cons. Buy a car if you truly want it and think that advantages overweight everything else.

5 Tips That Will Help You Choose

Based on students’ comments gathered throughout different discussion forums, we’ve devised a list of five essential car purchase suggestions.  Take a look. Make sure to follow them if you want to get the best deal.

Save up instead of taking loans

The idea of paying only a small sum, getting a car, and then buying it out for several more years is tempting to many students, but as practice shows, the majority of them regrets this decision. Even the most attractive deal demands significant interest rates. Such stipulations as the specific date of payment and the set money amount won’t let you live in peace, not to mention that you might be already struggling with other loans, such as the one for education. 

College students don’t make much money but they have many different demands. When feeling overwhelmed with homework, they tend to hire the services of companies that help students with essays, freeing their schedule to study or do something more pleasant. For instance, sometimes, they want to treat themselves to a day of tasty restaurant food and relaxation, with no homework or other daily worries. But even low prices still presuppose spending money, and if you’re bound by loan payments, you’re limited so severely that there is nothing extra you can afford apart from essentials. So, apply more efforts to save up, then buy a car and relax, knowing you aren’t obliged to pay for it any longer.

Buy used cars instead of new ones

Sure, everyone wants a brand new car, but it’s an excess you don’t need unless you can easily afford it. Many best cars already belonged to someone. Unlike what people imagine, used vehicles don’t mean battered and faded ones. Come to a salon and you’ll find it difficult to say which cars are new and which aren’t. The only difference is price, which is much lower for the latter.

Choose models no older than the ones made in 2013

As Carrns from NY Times notes, modern cars are equipped with advanced safety systems. Students need them as inexperienced drivers. So, when examining Australian markets, buy models no older than 6-7 years and stay safe.

Launch a full car assessment

Go on a test drive. Ask all technical questions, examine interior and exterior, bring a friend or relative who understands the intricacies. Google what to look out for or even hire an independent consultant. Full checking will be worth comfortable long-term driving.  

Make deals with trusted companies/people

Read reviews/see ratings of sellers offering good cars for college students. If they seem genuine, check the place personally. If your intuition is acting out, find another seller. There’s plenty of them, so don’t risk and don’t economise on getting all the documents in order. Better make a good, trustworthy deal once and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Get Your Car and Be Smart About It

Millions of children dream about going to a luxurious salon and leaving it with glistening car keys. Years pass and dreams become a reality. Sure, most cars for college students are used, but don’t let it ruin the experience. Such vehicles can still be excellent if you know how to pick them. Learn even more tips and follow experts’ advice. This way, your car will become your friend and a source of endless pride.


Joshua Robinson is a popular content writer who knows all the ins and outs of this market. He keeps in touch with trends and evolving preferences among students, and his writing reflects this knowledge. Many young people have already benefited from Joshua’s research, and considering his willingness to help, many more will find his services invaluable in the future. 

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