Alfa Romeo Has Officially Axed The 4C

A new report from Motor1 has confirmed that the lightweight Alfa Romeo 4C sports car is now dead.

The manufacturer has officially stopped production which means only a few new 4Cs will be available for purchase at your local dealer.

Is this the end of small sports cars from Alfa Romeo? Well, the discontinuation of the 4C is clearly in line with Alfa’s new strategy, which recently announced the abandonment of its sports projects to address other issues with its lineup.

They are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment and will be focusing on small SUVs and city cars, especially in Europe, to improve their outlook. The Tonale, which will arrive by 2021, will certainly bring some order to all this, but Alfa Romeo is still absent from the city car market since the MiTo stopped in 2018.

Source Motor1
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