Toyota Yaris GR-4 Teased

Toyota dropped an official teaser yesterday showing a high-performance Yaris which is likely a successor to the Yaris GRMN and will be dubbed the Toyota Yaris GR-4.

It appears to have a wider rear track and more aggressive aerodynamics than the standard car and the GR-4 moniker leads us to believe it will be all-wheel drive.

The Yaris GR-4 will have a new suspension design and new axles to go with the wider track. Those changes were likely mandated by requirements for the rally car, but since they’re substantial modifications to the standard Yaris, Toyota will have to homologate the car by producing 25,000 road-going Yaris GR-4s in 2020.

The teaser was only posted by European Twitter accounts so it may likely be a model for the European market.

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