Lamborghini Huracán Successor Might Get a V8

Lamborghini is famous for its sensational naturally-aspirated V10 and V12 engines currently powering the Huracán and Aventador variants respectively.

Unfortunately, these are not emission friendly so their time is running out unless some new tech allows it to remain. Lamborghini has already confirmed the V12 will live on but will likely be assisted electrically for both improved performance and fuel economy. So what about the V10?

Automobile asked chief technical director for Lamborghini, Maurizio Reggiani if the V10 was as important as the V12 and if it is possible for the Huracán successor to be fitted with a V8.

“A V10 at this moment is fundamental to the brand, but it is something that is less strategic for us. If you look back at Lamborghini, there was a V-8, not for the top-end car, but I will not have a problem to say the Huracán can be fitted with another type of engine for the new generation of motor.”

In short, nothing has been decided but as times change decisions need to be made to keep the superb performance while still meeting the ever-tightening regulations.

The Huracán has quickly become the best selling V10 supercar the brand has ever built. This means the successor will need to be sold in every major global market which could see the V10 disappear for a twin-turbo V8. This door is certainly not closed according to Reggiani.

Source Automobile Mag
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