Some Car Mods Can be Dangerous

Thanks to the influence of movies and media in general, car mods have been a huge craze amongst car owners, especially young adults. Car mods refer to changes made in a vehicle in order to alter its aesthetics or functionality. At times some car mods are important and are useful. For example, upgrading your factory-fitted headlights to slightly brighter lights for better visibility is a recommended mod. However, most modifications these days are meant to make a car look different and to gain attention. Unfortunately, most of such modifications are not just silly and pointless, but some can be extremely dangerous. A basic aesthetical change in the external body of the car can alter the car performance posing dangers to the driver, therefore only carefully chosen modifications should be incorporated in your vehicle. Here are some popular car modifications that can be extremely dangerous. 

Loud Exhaust

The primary purpose of car exhaust is to make a car sound quieter and enhance the performance of the car. Interestingly, for some odd reason, kids today believe it’s cool to have to drive a car with a roaring engine. In reality, a roaring engine can actually kill the car’s performance and can be incredibly annoying for people in the surrounding. The horrible effects on the environment should also be factored in. 

Neon Lights

Lighting is an important element that alters the aesthetics of any space, including a vehicle. When it comes to vehicles, lighting is also a safety component since it helps invisibility. However, the latest trend of turning your vehicle into a neon light fountain is not only extremely ridiculous but also threatening. It can easily distract other drivers or make it difficult for them to see the road.

Nitros Oxide

Nitros Oxide or NOS is often injected into a car in order to give it a major speed boost. Young kids are obsessed with having all those Fast and the Furious feels, without giving two hoots about how threatening can this be not only to them but also to others. NOS is not only responsible for adding to environmental pollution, but it also deteriorates your vehicle’s performance and life and is much more combustible than your regular fuel.

Rolling Coal

Another rather odd fashion inspired from the movies is your vehicle releasing a thick smoke behind it as it speeds forward. Kids think this cloud of smoke coming out of their vehicles makes them look cool and impressive. However, the fact is that it makes them look incredibly silly and annoying. Besides frustrating others that are around the vehicle, the Rolling Coal mods are extremely threatening to the environment.

Stretch Tyres

Having bigger wheels installed in your vehicle is another pointless fashion, which also makes way for tyre stretching. Tyre stretching allows owners to install bigger wheels in the car without altering the physical design of the car. As a result, a few inches of the alloy is offset from the wheel. Many people are unaware of the dangers of stretched tyres and believe they are completely safe, which is a false assumption.

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