We Could See A Liberty Walk Widebody Ferrari F40

Render via Cyro Miguel

Now before half the internet loses its mind, we are making some serious deductions from Liberty Walks latest Instagram post (see below) where a white F40 is pictured.

This particular example has been named the Ferrari F40 Dolce and it belongs to the owner of Liberty Walk, Kato-San. He took the bold move in painting the Ferrari F40 white, along with making some body modifications where the rear of the car was changed to replicate the LM version of the Ferrari F40.

Since it has already been customized, why not go all the way with an over the top Liberty Walk body kit? A loose translation of the aforementioned IG post goes like this: “Walk freely! A nostalgic photo came out. My favorite F40 machine so far I want to customize F40 to my style, body-wise, before I die. Wow!

The existing mods can simply be undone to return the iconic prancing horse to its original state but the same cannot be said if a full LB widebody kit is fitted. This requires drilling into the fenders of the car and doing that doesn’t come easy when only 1,311 units were ever built.

Who knows, perhaps Liberty Walk will get a hold of an F40 replica to test the waters first.

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