ABT Tweak Volkswagen Touareg To 493 HP (368 kW)

Powerful SUV’s are the rage these days and now ABT has given the Volkswagen Touareg something to shout about.

Under the hood sits the brilliant 4-litre TDI engine which in stock form pushes out 416 hp (310 kW; 422 PS) and 900 Nm of torque. A little software optimization from the tuner has added 77 hp (57 kW; 78 PS) and 70 Nm of torque.

That is not exactly Super SUV performance figures but it is more than enough grunt to haul your family around and tow pretty much whatever you wanted to.

ABT will also offer wheels up to 22-inch in size, as well as suspension upgrades that can lower the ride height by 38 mm at the front and 30 mm at the rear.

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