Porsche 935 Passenger Seat Will Set You Back R150k

Another day, another video from Manny Khoshbin but this time it is about his soon to be arriving Porsche 935.

If you have been fortunate enough to buy a Porsche from new, you will know that the list of options is extensive and can become very expensive.

The Porsche 935 is certainly no regular Porsche so as expected, some options are rather pricey. The car comes without a passenger seat but if you want to add one to your car, you will need to part with $10,000 (approx. R150k).

Manny is among the 77 fortunate customers to sign his name on the dotted line to claim the revival of the Moby Dick. He’s about to take delivery of the performance machine dressed in up the lovely Martini livery before the end of the year, but he already got the passenger seat delivered to his swanky office (see video below).

As a reminder, the Porsche 935 is a track-only car and just 77 units will ever be built and delivered to customers around the world.

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